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Back in 2011, our fine nearby metropolis of Salt Lake City, was rated as the 8th worst dressed city in America by GQ. To add further insult to injury, Travel & Leisure Magazine deemed that Salt Lake City was the 2nd worst dressed city in the country in 2012. Both locally and elsewhere, we noticed that men just weren’t focusing on the finer points of their appearance. Clearly, there was a lot of room for improvement.

Sweating small details in life can make a huge difference and when it comes to men’s style, there is nothing that can polish off a man’s look like accessories. However, when we examined men’s accessories, and in particular tie clips, we noticed that the selection was limited, drab and lacked the ability to make a statement. Our philosophy was that an accessory should be a conversation piece and a source of confidence and swagger for the lucky wearer. Although unequaled in its visibility, practicality and usability as an accessory, the tie clip simply was not getting its proper due.

The time was right for us to take matters into our own hands and re-enthrone the tie clip as the king of all men’s accessories. We dove in right away, perfecting our craft, studying the illustrious history of tie clips from the 1910’s to present and got our hands on as many styles from each era as possible to curate and amass the finest collection of clips known to man.

And so here we are, known the world over as fine purveyors of a glorious and small ornamental piece of metal, evangelists of the revival of men’s style and promoters of the good life.

Any tie clip we carry is one that we ourselves proudly adorn and gladly champion.

We know tie clips unlike any other business out there and offer the type of personal service that the internet giants can only dream of.

We look forward to earning your business and having the honor of retaining you as a customer for life!