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Athletes tend to be defined, remembered and immortalized by their heroic performances on the biggest stages of competition.

But an individual who is sportsmanly is more than just an athlete who excels on the field, court or track--He leaves an enduring legacy by demonstrating grace and class on and off the field.

The 1930s-1960’s featured an era of sportsmanly heroes who stoically wore a uniform on and off the field--representing their team, their country and their good family name--in sport, in battle and in business. Men and boys had heroes they could look up to who were worthy of admiration and emulation.

The golden era of men’s accessories (and especially the tie clip) coincided with this era when the concept of the well-rounded sportsman was celebrated. Every man and boy had access to a wide assortment of tie clips that represented their interests, professions, hobbies and of course, their favorite sports. They proudly wore their favorite tie clip any time an occasion necessitated a tie. 

Sadly, following that era, athletes stopped embracing their role as a sportsmen worthy of emulation. Society’s admiration for the well-rounded sportsman waned, men paid less attention to their dress and appearance, demand for men’s accessories cooled and the iconic tie clip makers of that era went out of business.

This created a void which left the modern sportsman yearning for a return to sportsmanly attributes and longing for a means to express their affinity for their favorite sport in a classy and tasteful way.

We recognized there was an opportunity to bring back outstanding men’s accessories and champion the sportsmanly culture. Since a collection of tie clips suitable for a true sportsmanly man did not exist, we resolved to create our own. We started our quest by purchasing and developing ambitious plans for the launch of a new line of accessories.

We looked to the past for inspiration— studying the golden era of tie clips and curating as many attractive styles from each era as possible. We collected and filtered through thousands of designs and our extensive research led us to finalize our plans to manufacture 5 vintage-inspired sports-themed tie clips that any true Sportsman would be proud to wear.

To that end, we’re proud to introduce a brand new collection of tie clips befitting even the most discerning and sportsmanly man.

Elevate your game with any one of our vintage-inspired, smartly-styled, football, basketball, baseball, hockey or track tie clips that are part of the Sportsmanly Collection.

Each timeless tie clip in this collection is superbly manufactured with the finest materials and craftsmanship right here in the USA and is finished with your choice of enduring rhodium or 14 karat gold.

Before the big game, enjoy an added boost of confidence by pairing one of our tie clips with a tie that flashes your team’s colors.

Stand out at the office, a night on the town, at weddings, dances, church, team award night or any other occasion that calls for a tie.

Our tie clips are a perfect keepsake, given as a team award or gift for any special occasion.

Look good, feel good and at all times be a gentleman, an athlete and a scholar™!